Chatfuel granted error

(Aung Thet) #1

I just setting up my chatfuel accounts 6days ago and but now i just log in to it.
But I try to connect with my fb pages, simply they asked me to give permission with fb.Then i gave persmissions but it doesn’t still take me to my chatfuel account and they asked give permissions repeatly still now. Plz help me guys !!! I just created an ads for my page ,so i need to edit my chatfuel setting messages ASAP!!!

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi there,

Sorry but I think you have the wrong forum. This is for Flow XO which is an entirely different chatbot building platform :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re interested in trying out Flow XO instead I’d certainly be happy to help.


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(Andrew Catchpole) #3

Flowxo is better. I was on ChatFuel initially but found flowxo to be superior and better supported features.
Not looked back