Change flow trigger in existing flow

(Davy Meybos) #1


is it possible to change the trigger in an existing flow? We would like to change from “Bot - New Message” to “Flow - New Trigger”. Re-building the entire flow is not the desited solution. :slight_smile:

(Kellsey Shaw) #2

Hi Davy,

You can remove a trigger from a flow and add a new one when the flow has been turned off. It will also remove any output references that pointed to that removed trigger so when you add a new trigger, you’ll need to go through any tasks that are flagged as having errors and replace the missing outputs with the relevant ones from the new trigger. :slight_smile:

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(Yun) #3

Hi Kellsey,

I think what Davy meant was changing the settings of the “trigger” of a flow.

For example, when you starts a new flow, there is an option for you to decide if you want the “trigger” to be a “New Message”, “New File” or “Catch-all”.

Once created, are we able to change that settings from let’s say: “Catch-all” to a “New Message”?

If not, I would have to build my whole flow from scratch again.

(Kellsey Shaw) #4

Hi Yun,

The Bot - New Message and Flow - New Keyword that Davy has described are different services but it would be the same whether you were changing the service or the trigger type (i.e. Bot > New Message to Bot > Catch-all).

You would need to turn off the flow and remove the trigger before adding the new trigger. You only need to update the tasks that used an output from the trigger, though :slight_smile:

(Ivan Osypenko) #5

Thank you.
That’s exactly what it takes