Catch-all Question can't handle unknown response

(Harry) #1

I think response paths might be the right answer to this, but I’m not sure how to make them work.

I have a Question Message at the start of my flow, but if users respond with an unrecognized message I’d like to have a decent response instead of "You didn’t answer, so I’ll go away for now”. I’ve tried a couple of things and can’t seem to capture the message with a response. I already have a catchall flow as a universal greeting/help message.

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @webdesign,

When you’re using a question action there is no way to trigger any alternative flows I’m afraid as the question is blocking all other threads.

The automatic response that you mention of “You didn’t answer, so I’ll go away for now” can however be customised under the Ask a Question action settings.


Click on the Customize reminders and expiry option shown above and then update the “Custom Expiry Message” in order to send your own personalised message. :slight_smile: