Catch all probems

(Govher Abbas Zade) #1

Hi . I have question.
I set catch all… and have a lot of send message shortcuts . Each of shorcuts has BACK button. But all BACK buttons return same place. what can I do that each back button goes different places


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Govher_Abbas-zade,

Can you please clarify on what you have in mind? Is it to allow the user to jump back to the previous question in the flow or to trigger another flow entirely?


(Govher Abbas Zade) #3

I dont use triggers I only use send message shortcuts buttons but all shortcut buttons go same place


Back button problem
(Daniel Beckett) #4

I’m not sure if you’re really going to find the exact functionality you’re looking for. It could perhaps work by setting a label for each question and then instead of using ‘Send a Message’ use ‘Ask a Question’ with one of the choice values being “Back” and a unique value for each question. With that value you could then use a Goto label action back to the last label.

A combination of Attributes and Flow labels can be used to allow your users to select a point in the flow and then later on jump back to another part of the flow if needed. This may be a better approach to use?

I have an example Flow that you can take a look at where the user selects a question, is shown what they selected at the end and then offered the opportunity to jump back to another part of the flow.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: