Capture a Date Google Spreadsheet

(Sarah Powers) #1

Hi there, I am updating a row in a Google Sheet and I wanted to add a timestamp into a row. Is there code I can just place in the ‘Update a Row’ form to do that?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi Sarah,

You can use the Date & Time service with an action for ‘Format Date’. If you set the date as ‘now’ it will return a time and date that you can use as an output for the sheet.


(Sarah Powers) #3

Great! For those of you that could use a screenshot:
Here is the Date and Time > Format Date Daniel Mentioned.

Then, here is what I placed in the field I needed in the Update a Row Action (look at Foundation):

Also, the date / time defaults to the timezone in YOUR profile. Just a heads up on that.


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