Capture a catch-all in an attribute

(Sarah Powers) #1

If a user types something that is unrecognized by the flow and it triggers the catch-all, can I capture that text and set it as an attribute?



(Chris L) #2

Yes. See image. If you only want to set it when the message is unrecognized, then of course set the filter appropriately.

(Sarah Powers) #3

Goodness, should have thought of that! :grinning:

Can I capture the text a user types that triggers a group? So right now I am able to capture text a user inputs when answering a question, text that is captured by the catch-all, but not text a user types that triggers a group.

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi Sarah,

Yes you can capture the group as well. You’ll just need to do the following:


(Sarah Powers) #5

Hi Karen, Thanks for the response!

Let’s say I have a group - how are [hi] - and keep it short so it’s listening for phrases like ‘how are you guys doing’ how are they doing’ etc etc. I’m looking to capture the entire text a user input ‘hey there how are you’ and not the group text.

I can’t use a catch-all because something happened, it *may not be an answer to a question if someone typed that in after a question response either.

Can I capture the exact message used from the user? Thanks again!

(Karen Barker) #6

Hi Sarah,

If you use the output {{trigger_name.message}} you’ll get the full message and using {{}} gives you the group that the message is in. Both of these outputs are available on a keyword trigger as well as the message one being available on a catch-all. :slight_smile:

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