Can't find Facebook page

(Βασίλειος Μακρίδης) #1

I created a Facebook page to test my bot, but when i click login to facebook nothing happens. I am administrator of the page and it is visible in my profile, can anyone help?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Bill98

Do you use Facebook Business Manager?

(Βασίλειος Μακρίδης) #3

No, i do not. Should I?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Nope. I was just checking since that can sometimes cause some issues.

Could you take a look at your Facebook page settings in the ‘Page roles’ section? You should be listed as the admin for the page for it to show in Flow XO.

Here’s an example:

(Βασίλειος Μακρίδης) #5

Yes, I am listed as the only admin for the page.

(Daniel Beckett) #6

When you say that “when i click login to facebook nothing happens” is it literally that you don’t see anything happen afterwards? No error messages etc? Are you still able to save the bot setup?

(Βασίλειος Μακρίδης) #7

I mean literally nothing. I expected at first a Facebook window to pop up, and then I tried to click again after had I opened Facebook and logged in. Both times nothing happened. I can’t click next either, I am just stuck at that part.

(Daniel Beckett) #8

Could you please try logging out of any active Facebook sessions and clearing your browser cache. It may also help to try from another web browser and/or use a private or incognito browsing session.

(Βασίλειος Μακρίδης) #9

That worked, thank you.