Can't downgrade because 'current usage is too high'

(Will) #1


I’d like to pause my bot for a few months.
I tried to downgrade it to free and got the message “You can’t downgrade your plan because your current usage is too high”.

  1. How can I pause the billing?
  2. Will I lose all the flows I built, or it just won’t be available until I upgrade again?


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Will_Prestes

To downgrade your account will need to be within the free plan limits which are a maximum of 5 active bots/flows and no more than 500 interactions used for the month. If you’re over the limit then you’ll be able to downgrade when your interactions limit resets. You can see what date that is by looking on your profile page.

If you switch off any flows those will still be on the account when you come back :slight_smile: