Can't disconnect a Connected Service

(Pete) #1

I have multiple services connected to my bot (Google Sheets, MailGun etc) and I need to delete some of them that aren’t being used. However in ‘Connected Accounts’ it tells me they can’t be deleted because they’re being used in X flows even though they’re not.

Can someone help me work out the best way of removing these accounts please. Thanks.

(Pete) #2

This is starting to hurt my bot a bit now… any help graciously received.

(Karen Barker) #3

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately a connected account can’t be removed until the flow(s) that have been associated with it are completely deleted. You could copy your existing flow(s) and delete the original but please note that this can require setup of actions in the copied flow to be ran again for other connected services. As long as the original flows have been deleted however you will be able to delete the connected accounts. :thumbsup:

(Pete) #4

What? Ouch. That’s every single flow… wow… this is a major bug. Disappointing.

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

(Karen Barker) #5

Hi Pete,

Sorry for the delay here but I’m pleased to let you know that you can now disconnect unused accounts without copying and deleting the flow first. Hopefully this will be a big help moving forward. :thumbsup:

(MMS) #6


Could you elaborate on this? I am trying to disconnect an integrated service but the status shows it is being used in a flow.

I made sure there are no triggers calling the service in all flows. There is a record in Interactions showing a deleted flow (with success status) which triggered the service, but I am not able to delete it.