Can't connect bot to Facebook page

(B_b) #1

Hi, everyone!

I’m having trouble reconnecting the bot that I made to a different FB page. Previously, it was linked to my personal page and everything was fine. Now I need to reconnect it to a different page (I have access to it but the owner is a different person).

When I edit the Bot and log in to Facebook, it only offers my personal page, but there’s no option of the other page in the drop-down menu.

Basically, how to connect your bot to someone else’s page if you’re not the owner but have access?

Any help will be much appreciated.

(Nathan Stults) #2

Hello, you need to be an administrator on their account, not just have access. Also, inside the Facebook auth screen, try clicking ‘Edit Settings’ to see if the page you want isn’t checked as being associated with the authorization.

(B_b) #3

The ‘Edit Settings’ trick totally worked. Thank you for your help!