Can't connect a chatbot to a FB page

(Augusto Vera) #1

I get this message when trying to reconnect a chatbot to a page that was already working, the same page.

(Augusto Vera) #2

As a matter of fact not one of my customer’s chatbots are working at all!!

(Karen Barker) #3

Hi @Augusto_Vera1,

I see you’ve reached out to the support team by email as well and I have responded there. However are you still seeing this issue? I haven’t been able to recreate the problem myself unfortunately. :worried:

(Augusto Vera) #4

It seems to have lasted a couple of hours yesterday, when even any FLOXWO chatbot responded, it seems to be working now. ¿Is there a page where you can check if the server is up?

(Daniel Beckett) #5

Hi @Augusto_Vera1,

Flow XO’s status can be monitored on the following page: