Cannot find number with trailing zero in google sheets

(Augusto Vera) #1

I have a google sheet that has a PRODUCT_NUMBER column, the numbers start with a zero, and the search rows block cannot find any of these numbers, but when I delete the leftmost zero and they start with any other number THEN they can be found ¿are there any tricks to make it work with numbers as characters? I have tried formatting them as plain text, but that seems to destroy the search and cannot be found.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Augusto_Vera1,

This falls into one of the known issues for the Google Sheets integration:

Here’s the list of known issues:

  • For every method apart from ‘Add a Row’, the maximum number of rows supported is 1,000. So if you try and use a Flow XO method on a sheet with more than 1,000 rows, you’ll instantly get an error: “Your spreadsheet cannot contain more than 1,000 rows”.
  • You should always set up a worksheet with columns in place, and the first row of data, before using it in any Flow XO task (trigger or action.) Subsequently, manually altering the sheet in any way will cause unaccepted results in your workflows. So you shouldn’t enter any data by hand, or adjust the rows or columns in the sheet that is active in a workflow.
  • Hyphens and double braces {{…}} in column names have known to cause problems (for example, ‘Time-sheet’ or ‘{{timesheet}}’).
  • Numbers at the end of column names are also known to cause problems and should be avoided (for example, ‘Timesheet1’).
  • Numbers at the end of column values are also known to cause problems in some situations.
  • Accents used in column names are also known to cause problems and should be avoided (for example, “café”).
  • Updating a row can break formulae in a sheet. As a workaround you can use formulae in a different worksheet that references the one you are updating.
(Augusto Vera) #3

Apparently it sould be added “numbers with leading zeroes as column values cannot be searched” for example “0123345” cannot be located with a search but “123345” can as column values.