Can you explain what does the trigger data means and counts?

(Produccion Cdi) #1

Can you give me an example of this metric ? thanks

(Sarah Palombo) #2

Hello :wave:

Are you looking at ‘Triggers’ on the analytics tab ?

The number for ‘Triggers’ here will show you the total number of flows that have triggered in the time/ period set on screen so for instance (Last 30 days)

If the number of triggers were 100, (last 30 days), and lets say i have three flows, that could mean that one of my flows was triggered 50 times, another 30 times and finally my last flow was triggered 20 times. The Analytics is the overall number of triggers,

You can see your top flows onscreen too which counts the number of triggers per flow.

Hope that helps !

Sarah :slight_smile: