"Bye" bad translation?

(Lorenzo Herkos Muro) #1

Hello, we are using FlowXo with Italian customers and we have a problem:

An escape word fixed in FlowXo is “Bye” that you translated in Italian as “Ciao”. I really understand that’s this is a very Italian problem but we use “Ciao” both when we meet and when we leave a conversation, it’s a very very common word we can’t stop saying :smiley:

So, unfortunately some users answered to the bot “Ciao” and the flow just suddenly ended.

Is there any solution?

You could set “Bye” also for Italian language as exit words, we are used to this word.

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(Karen Barker) #2

Hi there,

I will raise this internally as a possible change.

In the meantime, if you’re happy to have “Bye” as an exit word then you might find that changing your bot language back to English would work and using the “Customize reminders and Expiry” extra options on the question actions to set your own responses for reminders, validation etc. :slight_smile:


I have the same problem