Bug in Messenger: buttons persist through different flows


Hi! This really looks like a bug.

I have set a few ASK A QUESTION actions with two choice BUTTONS.

They work perfectly, but sometimes these buttons come back in other flows out of nowhere.

For exemple:
• A pair of buttons are used in FLOW A, then the user moves to FLOW B.
• in FLOW B I have another ASK A QUESTION action with choice buttons
• Sometimes these buttons (in FLOW B) show up, but sometimes, they are replaced by the buttons used back in FLOW A.
• If I restart messenger, the buttons from FLOW A are gone and the right buttons from FLOW B reappear.

I thought it was only happening in my mobile phone, but unfortunately it happened also on my client’s phone.

I tried several different things, but it looks like a bug as it goes back to normal once messenger is restarted.

Any suggestions?

(ericb) #2

this was answered via support@flowxo.com