Bot showing Incomplete answer

(Viral Tps) #1


I have write full answer but it is showing me as incomplete.
When I check interaction log It shows me incomplete answer even I gave full answer.

Please check below image:

(daniel.beckett) #2

Please can I see an example of the interaction log for the question being answered? Does that also show the same answer?

It may also help to share your flow so we can do some more testing. You can do this by clicking on the ‘private’ button near the top right corner when editing the flow. Feel free to email this to and we’ll take a look from there.

(Viral Tps) #3

Hi, @DanielBeckett,

Affected Chat is of Live User and I can’t provide you whole chat.

But I can provide you some details of Bot below.

“user_id”: “yNwLY4_S9”,
“channel_id”: “yNwLY4_S9”,
“bot_id”: “5b39bf51494e54005c8da152”,
“bot_connection_id”: “5b39bf51494e54005c8da152”,
“bot_name”: “Stress_Prod”,
“bot_type”: “custom_parent”,
“bot_platform”: “web”,
“bot_lang”: “en”,
“response_path”: “5b39bf51494e54005c8da152/c/yNwLY4_S9”

Please check below image of interaction log of affected question.

(daniel.beckett) #4

Do you also have an example of the full text being entered in the chat but then showing as a partial entry in the interaction logs?

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hi @DanielBeckett
Please check below image for another example.

(daniel.beckett) #6


You mentioned that you’ve seen this when you sent the message to the bot - do you have a screenshot of the chat history showing that message being sent in full to the bot or a link to your bot so I can also test?

(Viral Tps) #7

hi @DanielBeckett,

We have confirmed with our live user over call and he is sure about that he gave full answer.

I am sharing his chat (affected question) please check below image. It is showing half answer.

So can you check it with bot ID or something which I have shared with you above?

(daniel.beckett) #8

I’m sorry but there’s no additional information that I’d be able to get for the conversation. Based on the chat log it looks very much like a partial answer was provided.

I’ve been unable to recreate a scenario whereby my message is cut short.

It could be that the user accidentally sent the message before finishing it or some other technical problem at the time the message was sent such as an issue with their device or web browser.

If you see this happening repeatedly and with other users please feel free to reach out via. and we’ll be sure to investigate the matter further.