Bot Recognizing User Message

(Jade Neve Blows) #1

Hi guys,

I have created a Flow where the bot introduces itself to the user and tells the user what it can do. These messages are split up into two:

  1. Hi {{first name}} I’m a test bot.
  2. Looking for your closest stores or just looking to know more about A and B?

Is there any way the bot could recognize that the user has previously engaged in a conversation by not display the first message but only the second message?


(Sarah Palombo) #2

Hi Jade :wave:,

I have replied by email also but I’ve added this in case others find this useful.

You could simply add a few steps at the beginning of the flow like so:

  • Get an attribute (a) - this will check if you already have a name set for the person because they have visited before,
  • Set an attribute i.e Name. You can add a filter to this step (that only sets an attribute if the output (a) above is empty.

On your existing steps, you can also add a filter to the 1. Hi {{first name}} I’m a test bot. That only sends this message if the output (a) above was empty. This way the message will only be sent if you don’t have an attribute set because a user hasn’t spoken to your bot before. Make sure you are using the output from the Get an attribute then you know it was empty !

Hope that helps !

Sarah. :blush: