Best Google Sheet Alternative?


Hello fellow Bot builders,

I just read here that Google Sheet is limited to 1000 rows. I was planning to use it as light CRM to store my bot users key information such as choices to Bot’s questions. 1000 rows being a low number, I was wondering what would be the best alternative to Google Sheet, that is not too geeky to set up? Ideally this alternative would allow me to to store and read a bunch of custom fields.


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Hi :wave:

As you seem to look for a ‘lighter’ approach, there is a popular integration using Smartsheet

For something fancier there’s MySQL (bit trickier though) :slight_smile:



Hi @sarahpalombo ,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I just compared your Google Sheet to Smartsheet integration and noticed that Smartsheet does not have a Search Rows OR List Rows Actions like Google Sheet. Can you confirm if they exist or if there is an equivalent?

Thanks alot

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Hey Kloic,

Yes Sorry :thinking: come to think of it Smartsheet offer a ‘Get Row’ where you can search for text however, we will always return the most recently updated row if multiple matches are found. Unlike Google Sheets that would return all matches

Are you familiar with storing choices and users options using attributes? this lets you search or Get an attribute across various flows.

As Google Sheets 1000 rows only relates to Searching for data you could still add to a sheet if you wanted some visibility

If that hasn’t helped :expressionless:, There is a more technical approach:

  1. Adding an api to sheets which would return JSON. That can then be queried and used as data ouputs in a flow.
  2. Use MY SQL
    If you don’t fancy tackling this element of your Bot, I could put you in touch with a company that could build this into your BOT. Just get in touch by email I’ll let you know some details.




I believe that Flow’s integration with Google sheet currently uses the ‘User’ limit. Is there a way to use a project instead in order to benefit from a higher Usage Limit (500 requests per 100 seconds instead of 100 requests per 100 seconds) ??

cc @DanielBeckett @KarenBarker


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Hi @Kloic,

Sorry but there’s not currently a way to do that.

It would certainly be great if you could share this idea along with any others you have over on the feedback site.