Attribute not updated immediately

(Vila Vg) #1


i’m having some difficulty having the updated attribute shown in quick succession. following the tutorial, i set the genre and mood and answer the question and set the attribute. i take the question again and answer with a different genre and mood but it returns the old value of the previous attributes.

Please see the attached image. Not sure what’s causing this. Any inputs would be super useful!

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi Vila,

If the attribute values are changed then you’ll need to do an action to retrieve the new values. It looks like an action for Attribute > Get an Attribute could be missing.

(Vema Reddy) #3

I am having the same issue. I was was working through the flowxo attributes tutorial and having the exact same problem.

The attributes are not being updated immediately.
I can only make the tutorial work if I used:

You feel {{how_do_you_feel_today.parsed_answer}} and you like listening to {{what_genre_do_you_like.parsed_answer}}

Does this have anything to do with being on a free plan?
Looking at the documentation, the free plan updates every 5 minutes and paid every minute.

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi Vema,

The 5 minutes triggers on the free plan refer to flow triggers that polling to receive data - E.g. Receive Email, webhook, rss feed etc. This shouldn’t effect the use of attributes at all.

Attributes are passed on the response path. Therefore, if an attribute has been updated during a flow you will need to include an Attribute > Get Attribute action that you then reference to get the currently value of the attribute at the time of use. Once you move to a new flow (or enter the same flow again) the updated attribute values will then be available on the response path.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Amit) #5

Hi Karen,
I did tried as you suggested but result is same. GET ATTRIBUTE is also not doing much. There must be some other problem. Attaching the setup i got.

I know last reply of yours is almost 3 years old, but i did tried every way but nothing seems working.


(Nathan Stults) #6

Please e-mail us at and include a share link to your flow in your e-mail and we can take a look at your specific case.