Answer start with blank space issue(consider as empty answer)

(Viral Tps) #1

We have doubt that our user has submitted answer like:
“(space) ABC” on 3rd Jan 2019 6:23:26.

Can you please check in you data base and confirm, is there any missing data or not?
Please check below image of chat.

We got null result in JSON. please check below image.

So please check and confirm from your database user submitted only blank space (eg. (space) (space)) or blank space with answer (eg. (space) ABC)

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Viral_tps

What you see in the interaction logs is an exact copy of what the bot detected as the message. This means that it’s essentially the same as what would be held in the database.

The user would have either sent an empty message (blank spaces) or sent a message like your example which is a single word preceded by a single blank space that the bot would detect as a blank message (we’re looking into this bug at the moment, as per your other thread)

(Viral Tps) #3

Thank you for reply.

yes, please check and confirm that the bot detected only black space if answers has blank space as a preceding.

We need to inform to our clients about this kind of issues as soon as possible.

(daniel.beckett) #4

Just to clarify - what you see in the interaction logs is what we have stored. There’s no way for us to currently know whether a mobile user sent a blank message or a single word with a preceding space as both are detected as the same thing.