Adding a bot to Facebook

(Richard Hughes) #1

I have a web bot that works well so i added a Messenger bot, connected it up and it worked first time. Having checked that it was all good i deleted the bot and then spoke to the customer who has agreed to have it show on FB and can i get it to work again!!!

I had to recreate the bot and re link it to the FB account and i followed the really simple instructions on here : but i cannot get the bot to show up on the Facebook page unless a user clicks the Send Message button, then the messenger window opens up and my Trigger is shown although not with buttons.

I have a simple “is there anything else i can help you with?” and 4 buttons, in messenger to start with these are not in buttons, so if someone typed them they would trigger and then they work properly showing all the buttons, but not until this happens.

Am i missing something with the setup here please?


(Nathan Stults) #2

Richard - for specific issues like this your best bet will be to contact our support desk where we can dig into your individual flows. If you could send us a link to the facebook page in question and share out your problematic flow we can start taking a look.

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