Add Shortcuts to Messages and Cards

(Emi Akino) #41

Ok,I got it, thank you :slight_smile::+1:

(Abd Elrahman El Ghazy) #42

Hello @KarenBarker,
I was making a Welcome & Help flow. And when i was editing the shortcuts thing i couldn’t have the value of the shortcut. For example: if the shortcut 1, Value=A. when i test it no value comes

(Karen Barker) #43

Hi @AbdElrahman_ElGhazy,

Could you confirm which messaging platform you are using here please?

When the user clicks on the shortcut it will the show the name of the shortcut in the chat window, but in the background Flow XO will then look for a flow that has the value as a trigger word and trigger this flow in order for the user to proceed.

What are your keywords for your flow triggers? It looks like there isn’t one set up to match value.

(Abd Elrahman El Ghazy) #44

I am using facebook messenger.
can you please explain more how to do it because i have been trying to do it for a couple of days now.

(Karen Barker) #45


For shortcut’s to work you’ll need 2 or more flows. The first flow where you offer the shortcuts and then a flow which matches either the shortcut name (if you don’t provide a value) or the value if you are adding one.

There’s a couple of flows you can install here which should show you how this works.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Abd Elrahman El Ghazy) #46

Thanks alot @KarenBarker ,
Yes it helped. Regards :slight_smile: