Acting on a message which does not match New Message trigger

(Vladimir) #1

Hi there,

Does anybody know how to make a bot to act on an user’s message which does not match any word or phrase in New Message trigger, i. e. if a user types any rubbish, the bot would answer something like “It’s the rubbish, try again”?

(Sarah Palombo) #2

Hello :wave:,

There is the catch all trigger for this type of situation. this would trigger whenever the user types anything that isn’t recognised.

Thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

(Vladimir) #3

Thank you for prompt reply, @sarahpalombo! Nevertheless, Catch All is not what I mean. For example, if we’ve got three key words, let’s say, Green, Blue and Yellow, and actions for each of them with particular filters, in case a user enters Red, or anything else besides the mentioned key words, a flow with New Message trigger will fire no actions and will restart. But I wish that in this case the flow would fire a message “You entered wrong word. Try again.” Than, if I use Catch All trigger and put an action with such a message with no filter, it will fire on any wrong word, but it will also fire on the key words, which is not right. So I need a sort of filter which fires only in case when the entered word does not much any of the defined key words.

(daniel.beckett) #4

Hi @vlandreev

A catch-all trigger only activates for any messages that aren’t setup in a New Message trigger.

For example, if you had a flow that triggered off of Green, Blue and Yellow and the user sent a message using either of those words the catch-all would not trigger.

(Vladimir) #5

Well @DanielBeckett, and as far as I understood, I need to have two flows in the bot - one with New Message trigger will react on the key words, and another one with Catch All will react on all others? Does it mean that they will “listen to” the user simultaneously and react depending to the user’s input? Can I create more New Message flows with different groups of key words?

(daniel.beckett) #6

That’s right - each flow will react based on the user’s input. A catch-all trigger will only ever activate if no other flow is triggered.

You can setup as many New Message triggers as you like that use different keywords and phrases. :slightly_smiling_face: