A "problem" with my Telegram bot in Groups

(Ernesto) #1

I have added my bot (named let’s say “MyFlowTel_bot”) as an admin to my Telegram group. When I click on “/”, the bot menu is displayed; but when I select an option in that menu (for example “menu”), the message “/menu@MyFlowTel_bot” is sent, and nothing happens. That is, the bot is not executed.

However, if I type “@”, select the bot in the list of group members (then the message is “@MyFlowTel_bot”), and then send such message, the bot is executed. (Or when I directly type and sent something like “@MyFlowTel_bot /menu”).

So what’s going on here?, how can I run the bot directly from the menu (with “/menu@MyFlowTel_bot”)? Thanks in advance.

(Nathan Stults) #2


Flow XO doesn’t recognize /menu@MyBot as a direct message to your bot. You will probably need to change your trigger filter to include “overhear” and also add /menu@MyFlowTel_bot as a keyword in your trigger as well.

(Ernesto) #3

Thanks, Nathan. It worked when use “New Message” trigger with “/menu@MyFlowTel_bot” as a keyword. It is strange, because it should works also with the “catch-all” triggers (which is the one I used). But it doesn’t. It seems that there is no way to “overhear” with a “catch-all” trigger, right?

(Nathan Stults) #4

That is correct - Catch-All cannot be used with overhear. Eventually we will properly parse out the bot name from that format and it will work, but we don’t have a timeline for that, so the current workaround is to use a New Message trigger with the specific menu items you want to support.