1.4 Persistent Menu, Disable Text Input & Greeting Text

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New Messenger Persistent Menu

You can now set up hierarchical persistent menus, which Facebook introduced in their 1.4 Messenger Platform update.

To do this, head over to bots, edit any Messenger bot, and you’ll see the new menu control. Click the new icon at the right of each menu item to add a submenu.

You can have 3 top level options, and up to 5 items on each submenu.

There’s also a new ‘Disable Text Input’ option if you’d like to turn off freeform input.

Greeting Text

It’s also now possible to set your Messenger bot’s Greeting Text in the bot’s settings.

This will be shown to your bot users before they click the ‘Get Started’ button, and should briefly explain what your bot does. Note that it only shows up on mobile currently, not the web-based Messenger client.

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