Your Feedback on Question Reminders

(John Jackson) #1

Many customers are asking for question reminders to be user configurable. We can deliver that (and will) if you want it.

However, I wanted to get your feedback on our question/answer setup in general, as it’s quite a lot different on Flow XO as it is on other platforms.

  • Do you like it?
  • How would you like it to work differently?

One idea is to remove the concept of the question ‘state’, where the user needs to either answer or type bye/quit/exit, etc… Instead, after asking a question, if what the user types next is a match (or otherwise acceptable as an answer), it is taken as an answer and the flow moves on. If the next thing the user says isn’t ‘valid’, then the question flow is immediately abandoned and what the user says is instead treated as a trigger.

It’s not quite as simple as that, but I’d love to get your thoughts on it. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Sandro Jazzar) #2

I don’t think that removing Questions is a great Idea.
The way I use it mainly, is to collect the response of the user and filter out subsequent nodes in the flow.
A workaround I once thought of would be to be able to assign different “Message, Value” pair for “Send a Message” currently, I can only do that for questions (different message/value)

(John Jackson) #3

Yes questions are definitely here to stay. I think they’re one of our strengths, and our intention is to develop them rather than remove entirely.

The current plan is really to allow more control of whether to show reminder prompts or not.

Thanks for your input!

(Steve Handel) #4

I think the reminders should be user configurable. In some cases they are overkill.

(John Jackson) #5

Appreciate the feedback Steve. Customizable reminders should be here by the end of the week!

(Manuel Gutierrez) #6

Is great that you guys will have question reminders will be configurable.

I agree that removing the question state is not the best approach. Instead, users will be in charge to configure , “exit/skip” command, “timing” and “Reminder text” Perhaps it could be done in the question card itself?

For us it will be really valuable, So we can build multi-language support on a single bot.

So for example, we could have a Spanish flow with certain reminders exit commands etc and an English flow with the other texts. Or, personalize the commands according to the context. eg 1) bot ask pizza toping? : skip word : no thanks. 2) bot asks: what is your address? skip word : pick up in store or skip .

Does it make sense ?

Thanks !

(Sandro Jazzar) #7

Being able to configure timing (how much to wait until reminder & how much time to give the user to answer) is really important!
I have 2 bots that I can’t really launch before this functionality is added :confounded:

(Daian) #8

This message was on November 2016 but I cannot see the reminders settings yet. Any progress on this?

(John Jackson) #9

We added customization for sending the reminder and expiry message (off/on), although we are still getting a lot of interest in being able to change the message that is sent back.

We’ll continue to work on this and there’s a good chance we can offer more customization in the future.

(Bob) #10

What is the status of customizable question reminders?

Here are some things I would like to see with regards to reminders:

  1. Customizable timeout instead of default time of 5 minutes
  2. Customizable error messages for expiry and skipped questions

Here are some other features I think would be very useful:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT… give the option to turn off question expiration. One of the best features of Messenger is that the conversation thread remains even if user goes away (or connection is interrupted). The visitor can resume a conversation where he left off. Currently, if the user comes back after question expiration then his answer input is not recognized as a valid answer to the preceding question. This forces the user to try to start from a previously known starting point or worst of all, completely start over.

  2. If the question has choices (which are displayed as buttons), then when there’s an invalid input there should be another attempt to ask/answer the question and bring up the choice buttons just like the original question. Forcing a visitor to type in the valid responses instead of showing buttons is not very friendly.

(Matt Durr) #11

It’s not extremely ideal, but for some things I’ve handled this by using regular messages instead of questions and maintaining state with attributes.

For example, I keep track of the last flow & action of the user, so if they come back with text that doesn’t match a command at any time in the future, I can check their last state and see if the answer could apply to that.

(Bob) #12

Hey Matt, I’ve done that too, but it consumes a lot of resources and obviously slows things down quite a bit. Hoping the folks at FlowXO build this out a bit more. I love the concept… it just needs a bit more to it.

(Rafa L) #13


I’ve been trying to look for the Service on “Ask a Question”. No luck so far.
What I want to build will look like a sort of a trivia quiz. And trying to find my way around, found the following:
New Flow > Choose a template > Blank flow > create a trigger, click on (+) > Choose a service > Bot > Check choices on “Trigger”: New Message/ New File/ New Catch-all? (I understand “Ask” is suppose to be here, but no success. What am I missing?)


(daniel.beckett) #14

Hi Rafa,

The ‘Ask a Question’ action isn’t a trigger so you’ll need a way for your flow to start - the most popular method is ‘New Message’ where you set the trigger word / phrases that should start the flow. You could also use a catch-all if you want the flow to start no matter what the user initially says.

Once you have the trigger in place you can select Bot > Ask a Question.

Our support article on Getting Started with Flow XO shows an example of setting up a flow to ask the user questions.

Hopefully that helps you get started. Feel free to contact the support team by emailing if you run into anymore issues.


(Peter) #15

Hi - where is this setting exactly?

(daniel.beckett) #16

Hi Peter,

You can find the settings when editing a question: