WhatsApp integration

(Kurt) #1


From what I understand of this matter (
https://www.tnooz.com/article/klm-adds-whatsapp-platform), whatsapp will release the use of chatbot within their platform. So I would like to know when that flowxo will add this integration also whatsapp.

(John Jackson) #2

Literally the minute we can get access, and we’re lobbying Facebook as best we can, we’ll be jumping on a WhatsApp integration, don’t worry! :grinning:

(Marcus) #3

Hi @johnjackson,

I think it’s open for Developer now: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp :ok_hand:

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(Kurt) #4

and then we will have the integration with whatsapp?

(Daniel Beckett) #5

Hi @Gregorio_Rodrigues1

Still no exact release date to share for a WhatsApp integration yet, sorry. We’ll be sure to keep the community updated once we have more news.


Hi Dan,

From the day you get access, how much time minimum will it take you to implement and test it then offer it to us??



(Daniel Beckett) #7

Hi @Kloic

I can’t really give any definite timelines unfortunately. Any progress on this will be announced to the community :slight_smile:

(Max) #8

Any news about WhatsApp integration?

Would anyone have a working Post / Get integration model on WhatsApp? Can someone help me?