Want to creat card set dynamically according to data available in list?

(Dharmendra Kumar) #1

I am using && with data which is giving me list comma seprated data and i want to use it as a different card but dynamically

(Daniel Beckett) #2


You can use a combination of the Collection Outputs and Filters to send different cards with different content based on defined conditions being matched.

(Jordan Ahli Bank) #3

You can integrate it with Google Sheets, and make it get results from Google Sheet based on your filteration

(Naran M) #4

Does it mean to create a max possibility of 10 cards we need to have 10 send card set created and each card set is filtered with the length of collection output…?


(Daniel Beckett) #5

That’s right, yes.

You have different card set actions setup based on the number of returned results and then use the filter to control which one should be sent out. e.g. send card set 3 if result count = 3.

(Naran M) #6

Thanks Daniel. I got this working however, the card set doesn’t display it as Carousel, rather sends as individual cards. Does it work in web messenger…?


(Daniel Beckett) #7

The carousel format is exclusive to Facebook Messenger at the moment.

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(Nikita Solunin) #8

Hi, @DanielBeckett!
Could you tell me please, is Carousel available in Telegram now?

(Nathan Stults) #9

No, Carousel does not appear to be available in Telegram bots yet.