Telegram Bot doesn't work in Groups

(Pavel Kuligin) #1


I created and tested my first bot: It works very well in the chat, but doesn’t work in groups. Privacy — disabled, Add to group — enabled, Bot has access to messages.

What am I doing wrong?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Pavel_Kuligin

Is there any record in your Interaction Logs for the flow being triggered?

Also, which trigger are you using for the bot? If it’s a New Message trigger what Message Types are set - if you’re using a group chat then you may want to enable the ‘Overhear’ message type.

(Pavel Kuligin) #3

Screenshot from Telegram:

These messages aren’t in the logs.

And yes, I’m using “Overhear” too.

(daniel.beckett) #4

Can I see an example of your New Message trigger? :slight_smile:

Also, can you please confirm that on the dashboard for your Flow XO account that you haven’t reached the interaction limit.


(Pavel Kuligin) #5

I use FAQ Template Flow in my Bot, just for testing.

My limits:

(daniel.beckett) #6

In the FAQ flow have you added in new message triggers for the phrases you tested with? i.e, ‘start’?

By default that’s not a listed trigger word but you should be able to trigger it using one of the following:

have question
ask question
get answer
when are you open [hours]
opening hours [hours]
opening times [hours]
open times [hours]
shipping [shipping]
delivery [shipping]

(Pavel Kuligin) #7

@DanielBeckett Sorry, I’m stupid! Now all works very well. Thank you!

(Kedarsan) #8

I have post lot of telegram groups on my site but i want add telegram group bot on this list . I can’t do that plz any one suggest me how to fix thsi

(daniel.beckett) #9

Hi @Kedarsan

If you edit your Telegram bot from the Bots list on your account you’ll see a share link that can be used to install your bot. :slight_smile: