Guys, I really think you should look at integrating with We are using it to provide messaging on our website and social sites. A couple of bot providers have partnered with them to provide the logic for the bots delivered with their platform. I would love to be able to develop a Flowxo bot and have it delivered to all my sites using one platform.

Please consider this.

(Sienna Amelia) #2

There is another power-pack solution which helps to build chat app and use it as a messaging app to communicate with the team more easily. And also providing bot to collaborate with users more effectively.

(Salfishya Mary) #3


Why can’t you try, Apphitect IM for better accuracy & performance. It act as both messaging app & bot able to integrate at any platforms.

Hope this will be helpful!

(Emily Lynch) #4

That’s nice to hear!

Though many instant messaging integration providers available in the ready-go market. Can also give a shot, I refer Mirrorfly - a chat app platform that offers a solution to build an own custom-made chat application or easily integration their own platforms like mobile apps (Android, iOS) and web.

Mirrorfly adaptable to Flowxo too!

(Eric Jonathan) #5

I just look out the article, which explains the best chat app solutions helps to build own messaging app like WhatsApp which are similar to smooch integration. The audience will avail to choose the best one to develop their chat applications.