Save files to Google Drive

(Sergey Mazur) #1

Hey, looked for way to save files and photos to Google Drive which sent to bot. And found way how to make it. Hope it will be helpful for somebody.

Make 'file catch" and add row to google sheets. In my case it is possible if you choose in menu button “Downloading” and user will be sent to this flow, after finish of flow user automatically sending to main menu

Make column with any constant attribute for possibility to download few photos in one time and put it into “add row” step, in my case it is 1.

Ask user to give way on google drive. In my case it is one word which will be like a filter later and change constant attribute.

Make “search and update row” few times, in my case 10 times, it is a limit of quantity downloaded photos.

Go to Integromat service and create scenario with parsing link in google sheets (will be parsing each new row added to sheets). Create filters with “Ask question” answer and put files into needed folder on Google Drive. Service can check and parse new links each 15, 5, 1 minutes and you can install quantity of downloading files in one time. Do not forget ignore all mistakes and it will be work.

Have a fast and useful bots :slight_smile:

(daniel.beckett) #2

Thanks for sharing this with the community @Sergey_Mazur :slight_smile:

(Steeeevy) #3

Сергей приветствую, могли бы вы дать ваши непосредственные контакты?