Rewrite documentation for non-techies

(Joe) #1

After spending a long time figuring out how to use this tool, I’ve come to realize your documentation is worthless because it’s written as if you know programming and the tool.

The documentation should be rewritten for non-techie users. Example, you talk about “attributes”. What non-programmer knows what the hell those are? Instead you should talk about “how to store information for later”.

Do this and you’ll stop losing so many potential users.

Better tutorials
(Joe) #3

The youtube tutorials are very lacking. While it’s easy to do a simple chat in flow, adding just a little more complexity is daunting. I’m about to switch to another service.

You have a number of “getting started with flow” videos that are an hour long. I don’t want to sift through an hour of material to find out there’s nothing for me in it. Post short instructional videos walking the user through development of a more complex system. Start simple and then add features.

(daniel.beckett) #4

Thanks for the feedback Joe. We’re currently reviewing the documentation and user tutorials so we’ll certainly keep this in mind.