Reply via email doesn't end up in Messenger

(Ghita) #1

Hi, just noticed that every reply we sent today and the day before via our email (by replying to the Flowxo generated email eg., didn’t end up in Messenger - which is not good at all, and we needed to copy-paste replies manually. Can you please have a look?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @eurodesk

Where are you checking to confirm whether the messages have been sent back to the user? The live chat console should show any responses sent back via. email but it’s not something you’d see in the interaction logs.

(Ghita) #3

Hi, I am checking if the messages arrive by going directly in the inbox of our Facebook page where the bot sends QA’s. In the past it worked, now it doesn’t anymore since yesterday. Maybe something Facebook changed or the system at

(daniel.beckett) #4

Everything seems to be working fine with the send message to email service - I’m able to send a message from Facebook Messenger to an email and respond which goes back to the bot.

If you respond to a message currently is it still broken? Do you see the emails marked as sent in your mail platform?