Regex matching in filters

(Dylan Cutler) #1

Hey all,

Something that I think would make your filters a bit better would be to add regex matching. Something like:




to test if an answer has a number as an example.

(John Jackson) #2

Great idea this :+1:

(Viljami Ketola) #3

Has this been implemented yet? I would strongly support this idea.

using filters is too hard at the moment when I have to do separate filters (meaning OR-blocks) for every condition like

element.answer equals yea, yes, yep, yeah, Yes, YES, Yeah, Yea, Yep.

With regex this would be easier. On the other hand also just creating an option “ignore case” would be so much helpful.

(Viljami Ketola) #4

Just found the option “matches one of” and I was surprized how dumb I am :smiley: