Live chat needs human operators, not Flowxo users


The new Live Chat functionality was expected by many of us, but in fact, it requires a company operator to serve the customer, relieving the bot when necessary.

I wonder if this operator has permissions to manipulate the rest of Flowxo’s functionalities at will? I think so, and it is too risky, while all of us should consider before adding this new functionality to a chatbot that companies may have different operators to provide chat services to their customers, even in different departments.

If Flowxo does not add Live Chat multi-operator options for the same Flowxo account or for a particular bot, the solution may come through the integration of other existing platforms in the market, i.e., being able to interactively refer Live Chat to Slack, Stride/Hipchat (Atlassia), Yammer, etc. without the client leaving our chatbot in Flowxo.

I think we all agree that the option of having conversations by exchanging emails (between the operator and Flowxo) is not efficient enough, and makes the operator very slow, which damages the quality of customer service.

It also occurs to me that the chatbot could be an intermediary in 2 different channels when a Live Chat is started, for example, allowing the client to be on a website, Facebook or Telegram, while the operator interacts with this same bot through Telegram to send messages to the client in Live Chat (simply identify us to the’@client’ before each phrase)… it’s just a quick idea, and there are sure to be better ones.

Have you considered this problem and any possible solutions?
Thank you

Announcing Live Chat

I think it should be nice to have multi-operator with restricted access to a FlowXO account: live chat, users, interactions and web tools

(Karen Barker) #3

Hi guys,

We do understand for some users this could be problematic, however at the moment there is no workaround. Please be assured however that we do take onboard all feedback and always try to incorportate customer requirements. :slight_smile:

There’s is an idea on the roadmap to add Master accounts to Flow XO. This could incorporate different permission levels and therefore make different parts of the interface available for some users which would definitely help in this situation.

There’s also an idea here to incorporate Slack as a messaging service which would also address some of the issues and suggestions raised too.


Thank you for your quick response.
I agree, moreover, I suggest that the Master Accounts option be given priority in your roadmap, as otherwise the much desired Live Chat option will only be useful in a few cases (mainly very small businesses); in addition to providing many other advantages to development teams, etc.

(Przemek Roman) #5

Hi there,

Any update on the Live Chat Operator access?

(daniel.beckett) #6

Hi @PrzemekRoman

Sorry but there’s no specific update to share on this at the moment. We’ll be sure to let people know if anything changes. :slight_smile: