Integrate with URL shortening services [Suggested Feature]

(Matt Durr) #1

I didn’t see anything existing for this.

Would be nice to be able to pop URLs over to or Rebrandly and get a branded or just shortened link back to send to the user.

For now, I’ll see if I can do this manually with the Code section.

(John Jackson) #2

We don’t have any link shorteners, although supporting a few of them would definitely be a good idea.

In the meantime I’d try using a HTTP request rather than going for the code service as you can probably access their API using a straight web request?

(Matt Durr) #3

Good call @johnjackson , I’ll give that a try.

(Matt Durr) #4

I made a shared Flow for this, in case anyone else finds this useful.

You’ll need your own access token (it’s free, just have to set up an account)


Thanks alot @onedurr. This works perfectly!!