How to create a publisher bot?


I’m new at Flow.XO and in bots in general.
I’m tyring to create a bot that receive images and texts and can publish them as posts in multiple channels.

My first challenge is how to get the flow continue after a user send an image, I can’t find a trigger or a filter to make my bot respond to an image message.

Could you help me please?
If you have similar bots that i can look at and learn from I would very much appreciate it.
If there are any tutorials that explain this that would be awesome too :slight_smile:
thank you :slight_smile:


Ok i think i understand - I can only set this as a trigger?

(Nathan Stults) #3

Yes, files can only be processed as a trigger, so you will need to de-compose your flow into pieces if you have a file input step.


Thank you very much!
If you could, I would be happy to understand how can I link the image and texts to one message that eventually send the post to multiple channels according to the user choice?

I understand how to build all the flows required but don’t understand how to tell the bot to make it as one message with texts and image to publish?