How to add an user in zendesk?


Hi! I’m trying to add an user in my flow, but got the same error many times:

Does somebody knows how to solve it?

(Sarah Palombo) #2

Sorry to see you’re having an issue here.

I’ve used this service myself to check the issue. I can successfully add a user (using these details)

It’s working out what’s different about your account I guess. A quick Google Search seems similar errors have been found by other users of Zendesk (Unprocessable Entity. Record Validation errors) which indicates some form of validation

  • Either that not enough information is provided or that the record already exists
    Are there any required bits of information when creating a record manually??

Not much clarity I’m afraid. You might need to reach Zendesks support on this one for more clarification.


(Ricky Rickery) #3

Hello @sarahpalombo
I have the same issue. The problem is that, once the user has been created, if you try to add the same user (email) Zendesk show you this error.
How can we solve that?