How can I input more images

(John) #1

Hello, I have question about how I can input more images by one button?

(Nathan Stults) #2

Sorry John, I’m not quite sure what you are asking?

(John) #3

For example, I have lists of images(URL links) in google sheets. So, How I can send all images to flow.
I used “*”({{search_rows.results_+_gsx:images *}}) this function. It search all rows and find which I want and send it to flow. But it send just URL link. I need send all images

(Nathan Stults) #4

There isn’t a way to automatically send a list of images like that - you would have to use individual Send Image steps, and know how many images you would have to send, so you could put in the Image Url field something like: {{search_rows.results_1_gsx:images}} and in the next one {{search_rows.results__2__gsx:images}}