GoTo Label indication

(Peter) #1

It would really be useful (and pretty easy to do) if a GoTo Label action would show which label it refers to.

I see two options: upon pointing the mouse on the Edit button (similar to what is shown upon moving the mouse on the Filter button) or on the right-hand side where it now simply shows ‘Goto a Label’ (again, similar to setting the label which shows the name of the label on the right).

(daniel.beckett) #2


Thanks for the suggestion!

For the time being I usually find that naming my labels and goto label actions in pairs works quite well. For example, name the label “Start” and then the GoTo label action “GoTo Start”. :slight_smile:

(Peter) #3

Hi, Dan,

Great minds think alike. :slight_smile:

But I am trying to save some time coding. Renaming every Goto action takes some time. So what I am suggesting would simply be a nice feature, not a must for going on.

But thanks for replying. I noticed you always reply very fast so I am starting to worry if you ever get rest. Would ask if it was not too personal. :)))