Free Live Testing option

(Serhii Shevchenko) #1


I have some issues using your Test Console.

For example, I can’t see how my bot’s start screen would look like when I connect created flow to my bot or how the buttons and commands would look like in my Telegram bot until I test it live etc.

And also to test some other features I just need to test it live and thus not only me but I think many other users spend many interactions only for testing. Based on what the flow and plan is (especially if some users are on a free plan) it could be not so effective so to speak (in case of free plan they could spend all interactions for live testing only)…

So I wanted to suggest some solution for example where bot owners could test live for free or at least you could add some additional interactions that are usable only for testing somehow etc.

I think many users would appreciate it and of course me too. :slight_smile:


(daniel.beckett) #2

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the development team for consideration :slight_smile: