Flow editor unusable when flow is large

(Augusto Vera) #1

Hello guys, I have to remark this because I use Flowxo to make chatbots for customers, but there is one thing that becomes very irritating, when the flow is rather large it becomes almost unusable because any change makes the whole editor crawl, even typing, let alone moving a block, it takes literally ages to move them. and traversing windows is a painfully slow experience, so a thing that should take 10 minutes to fix, takes an hour. Sometimes I have to move something and it takes me like 4 or 5 minutes to move it. ¿Are there any recommendations to avoid this sluggishness in the flow editor when editing?, I have tried chrome, vivaldi, explorer and opera. Recently reinstalled my Win 10 machine but this particular behaviour persists, and I am worried that I have to resort to other platforms like ManyChat to that large flows can be maintained with more ease.

Best Regards: Augusto Vera

(Peter) #2

I agree. The same issue.

Guess it has something to do with the visual interface, but it would be nice to hear from the developers.


Same thing here. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi there,

Unfortunately we are aware that there are speed issues with the editor when working with very long flows. This is obviously something we are keen to rectify, but at the moment I can’t give any guarantees of when this work will be carried out. In the meantime we do recommend splitting flows into multiple flows with no more than 40 - 50 actions in each flow. This will ensure that the UI remains responsive whilst you are using it. :slight_smile:


I’ve the same problem, you should add in edit action a field where choose from a list the action to move below the current action.

(Ilaria Di Lecce) #6

Hi there, I’ve got the same problem. How can I split flows and connect them later? For example, I set 3 flows for 3 different user service (sign up, buy a ticket and get news). How can I connect them in order to give an ongoing experience to the user?

(Karen Barker) #7

Hi there,

You can use the Flow service in order to trigger one flow from another. Alternatively if you provide the user with shortcut buttons as part of a message then these work as keyword triggers to other flows. For instance if you provide the buttons “Support”, “FAQ”, “Pricing” then you’d need 3 flows which have the keyword trigger of each of these words. When a user then clicks a button the respective flow will then trigger. :slight_smile:


Hi, Same problem. Is there an immediate fix? Like should I turn off the flow, disconnect to a bot? I’m doing 150 Q&A’s and I’m still at number 43 after 2 weeks. Its annoying so I try to do some other stuff. But if this is not an issue, I could finish 150 in one sitting. Help! I need to get this done! Driving me crazy!

(Karen Barker) #11

Hi @Cris_FHE,

Unfortunately there is no immediate fix as such. We advise flows should never be more than 40 - 50 actions in length, both from a UI perspective and from the point of view of being able to keep track and maintain a flow. My advice would be to try and split your FAQ’s into different sections and have a different flow for each of those. E.g. group all questions regarding pricing together in one flow, those about delivery in a different flow etc. This way your bot will be much easier to manage going forward as well as to build currently. :slight_smile: