Expiry and validation messages (why are they the same?)

(Viljami Ketola) #1

I created a question element and asked the user “how are you” and provide 2 buttons: [I’m doing well] and [It’s all bad].

I have set all the messages custom:
Number of Invalid answerds: 2
Custom validation: “Are you cereal?! This is simple question”
Custom reminder: “Pls answer”
Custom expiry: “Omg you so slow… time ran out”

When the user answers with invalid answer bot says “are you serious…” and repeats the question
Now if users answers the question again bot says “Omg you so slow, time ran out”
And the time actually wasn’t why the flow stopped, but the input user gave. Bot creator can’t know this from the UI though and the end user can end up very confused.

Its oronic and isguided (feat. Sheldon Cooper) to name Custom expiry message the way it has been named when in fact it isn’t expiry message but both: expiry and ending message.

So there should also be a field for customizing the message shown to the user after a selected number of invalid answers.

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Viljami_Ketola,

Sorry for any confusion around this area.

As explained in the help documents for Ask a Question, the expiry refers to whenever the action itself expires or in other words the action ends. This can happen after the set expiry time or if the number of invalid answers is reached. Therefore in either of these 2 situations we will send the Expiry Message.

The validation message sends for any incorrect answer given up until the action expiry point.

(Viljami Ketola) #3

Since nothing in the UI hints towards that, maybe you could either

  1. Rename it,
  2. Provide information about what is really does near that element
  3. Provide a link to the docs where you have information about it.

It’s bad UX if complex naming forces user to google how to use a service.

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi @Viljami_Ketola

There is a link to the help docs at the top of the dialog screen but unfortunately it appears that this is going to the wrong URL currently.

Underneath where you set the “Expire After” time we also state in the UI that “The question will expire after this amount of time, or if an invalid answer is given twice.”

I’ll certainly get the devs to update both the link and the wording here since we have changed the number of invalid answer that can be sent. :slight_smile:

(Viljami Ketola) #5


Okay, it seems that the information is provided in there. I didn’t realize spot neither.

Maybe all this still tells a story about how easy it is to read that modal.

It’s just that FlowXO is so amazing tool but there’s a lot that would make it more efficient, effective and satisfactory to use. I once wrote down a huge list of things that would make it better but I’m not sure if you like. But would you like to see it if I translate it to english? (kind of free professional made ux work for you)

(Karen Barker) #6

We always appreciate all feedback. Please do either post it here or drop us an email to support@flowxo.com and we’ll feed all feedback back to the development team. :slight_smile: